UC Berkeley Botanic Gardens - I love our local botanic gardens. It really is impressive.

  The Sigal Museum - My family originally settled in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania when they came over from "the old country." The Sigal Museum of Northampton County History and Geneology is housed in what was Sigal's clothing store in Easton, Pennsylvania.

  The Sigal Music Museum - Home to my father's collection of antique musical instruments, as well as other fine historic instruments.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Sea Shepherd actively defends the defenseless creatures of the sea. Their activities are not for the faint of heart, but are an important step in saving what is left.

My friend who likes to be known as "Jake Von Slatt" has been doing some truly amazing projects in his garage. Everything from attaching an old AT&T Bell Telephone handset to a cell phone, to creating a wild looking "steampunk" keyboard for his computer, to building his own steam powered car.  He has two sites to tickle your curiosity: and

My other web sites: The Uncarved Block, Molly Sez - Wit and wisdom from my puppy, TripTalk,, FarawayBeach.


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