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  Andrew showing off homemade pasta

After years in software design, and a period of travel writing, I have been devoting myself to the study of culinary history. My field of study is the relationship between culture and cuisine, and the factors that cause cuisines to change.


JambalayaAndrew with Chef Paul Prudhomme

While studying the history of Cajun and Creole cuisine, I ran into a mystery surrounding the origin of jambalaya. My research into jambalaya generated my first published work in culinary history. Full details can be found here.

The White Ribbon Cook Book

Earlier this year I picked up a copy of The White Ribbon Cook Book, published by the Orono Women's Christian Temperance Union, June, 1924 in from local bookstore. Searching the web and all the usual suspects I couldn't find any references to this book anywhere. I did find several "White Ribbon Cook Books" of various locations and vintages, but none seemed entirely identical to this one. In addition, this copy includes an added handwritten recipe as well as a couple handwritten annotations. I have scanned the book and provide it here in PDF form for other researchers.


The Wall of Fame:

 Andrew with Barbara K.  Wheaton  Andrew with Chef Tojo
Barbara K. Wheaton at the Reading Historic Cookbooks: A Structured Approach seminar, 5/2010. Chef Tojo at Tojo's, Vancouver, BC, 7/2010 (Yes, I've been drinking - heavily.)
Andrew with Jacques Pépin  Andrew with volvariella speciosa 
With Jacques Pépin at his KQED birthday party, 9/2010 (Yes, I've been drinking, but so was Jacques.) With Volvariella speciosa. 



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